The Daily Reflection Team

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The Daily Reflection is a smart mirror made by Maire Chew, James Mendenhall, and Chelcie Britt for their week long Q3 project while completing Galvanize's Web Development Immersive program. The mirror displays the news, weather, time, and your daily reminders set from a convenient web application.

We used Raspberry Pi written in Python to power the mirror. For the front end, we kept things minimal using HTML5, Bulma CSS, JavaScript, and Facebook Authentication. The back end connects the Raspberry Pi to the web app, and uses Python, DynamoDB, and AWS.

The two way mirror was the most essential part of the build. To create this component, we used an acrylic see-through mirror that is 1mm thick. To build the box and frame we used reclaimed wood. We then set the acrylic in the frame and a 24in LCD monitor connected to the Raspberry behind the mirror to display the data.

For more information on this project or to build your own please check out the README on our repo.


Maire Chew
James Mendenhall
Chelcie Britt